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Warren County Technical School highlights Kristina Michelle Salon with Business Partner of the Year honor

December 22, 2021

Kristina Michelle Salon - Business Partner of the Year

Warren County Technical School has named Kristina Michelle Salon, and owner Kristina Hentschel, as the 2021 Business Partner of the Year. Hentschel has volunteered on the Advisory Board for the school district’s cosmetology program for the last four years. She has furthered her involvement by welcoming students into her salon for hands-on learning experiences.

Hentschel has hired several students as apprentices to assist other stylists at her salon. A current senior student works as an assistant in the salon, shampooing clients and helping with other tasks. Hentschel is currently working with WCTS to build an internship program so students can satisfy work-based learning requirements for the program and future licensure.
The district is grateful for the support of Hentschel and everyone at Kristina Michelle Salon. They are helping to not only train, but inspire, students in the cosmetology program.

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