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Mercer County Technical Schools celebrate partnership with Genesis Biotechnology, naming company’s hospitality operation as 2021 Business Partner of the Year

December 22, 2021

Genesis Biotechnology - Business Partner of the Year
Mercer County Technical Schools recognized the hospitality division of Genesis Biotechnology in Hamilton as its 2021 Business Partner of the Year. The hospitality division, which oversees a range of entities from the Peacock Inn located in Princeton to a commissary on the Genesis campus, helps fund the company’s research endeavors. These diverse settings provide equally diverse opportunities for MCTS culinary students.

The district’s ongoing connection to Genesis is Wayne Susser. He regularly provides job leads, from offering students internship and shadowing opportunities to experience a night in the kitchen to more permanent positions that may lead to full-time employment. Genesis also helps prepare students for their transition from school to career by participating in mock interviews with students and offering human resources seminars.

“These partnerships with local businesses and organizations provide a clear pathway for students to take what they learn in the classroom and apply that in the workplace,” said David Nash, work-based learning coordinator for Mercer County Technical Schools. “We want students to develop their skills, but more importantly, we want them to use work experiences to unlock their passions early on and begin working toward successful futures.”

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