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CinchSeal named 2022 Business Partner of the Year by Camden County Technical Schools

December 14, 2022

Camden 2022 BPOY CinchSealIn recognition of its in-depth support of Camden County Technical Schools (CCTS), CinchSeal of Mt. Laurel has been named the district’s 2022 Business Partner of the Year. 

A leading rotary seal manufacturer for more than 25 years, CinchSeal provides industrial sealing solutions to businesses from food processing to cement production. CinchSeal and CCTS have come together to improve advanced manufacturing for the future, not only for CinchSeal but also for the students.  

“The staff at CinchSeal understand that our students are the future of our country,” said Brett Fetty, CCTS principal. “They have taken an active role in providing them an opportunity to work via cooperative education.” 

CinchSeal staff have spent thousands of hours teaching CCTS students how to program, set up, grind, sharpen tools and make custom tooling for many different types of projects. They work with a wide range of metal and plastic materials. 

“Two years ago, Edward J. Cooper contacted us at CCTS looking to form a partnership that would be mutually beneficial,” added Fetty. “The collaboration has benefitted the Pre-Engineering program generally and five individual students directly. Mr. Cooper has a clear commitment to helping our students grow and become better citizens.” 

“We understand the value of helping the community,” agreed Cooper, who is a production manager and design engineer with CinchSeal. “We instill in CCTS students the values and dedication of hard work and working together to help as many people as possible.”

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